Friday, February 08, 2008

Puzzle Quest - I Really Don't Get This Game

No, seriously. Despite all the fan-driven attention to this game over the past year, I really couldn't quite grok Puzzle Quest. I really don't get it.

The idea of melding genres like puzzlers and role-playing games is interesting, I'll give it that; but the whole exercise was just too slow and repititious and drawn out to ever hold my attention. For my money, Zoo Keeper is a hundred times better.

Puzzle Quest is really more like those free flash games you see on the internet; or more closely, those little mini-game kiosk boxes that you see in landromats and coffeeshops and bars. You know, the ones with the touch-screens, where all the match-the-tile games are hideously awful? Why do I always see the beautiful women doodling with them at the sports bars? Are they really that bored? Where the heck were they when I had Chip's Challenge and Klax to kick around?! Augh.

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