Friday, December 01, 2006

Eurogamer Loves Wii Sports

Eurogamer has posted what is probably the best write-up I've read so far on Wii Sports. Very concise and loaded with great impressions. If you've seen a Wii kiosk anywhere, most likely you've seen this game in action. And, most likely, you came away really, really wanting to give it a try. This game is the perfect hook for Nintendo's new console - heck, it's the best hook of any game of the season.

It seems the two main complaints from prozines and websites are that 1) Wii Sports is too simple, and 2) owwie, owwie, my arm is sore. I could care less about either. For me, those are good qualities. I'm looking forward to all the inevitable "Wii Fitness" stories three months from now, when everyone praises games like Wii Sports for losing that spare tire.

C'mon, Nerdingler! Get off that couch! Start moving those arms! Step away from the Cheetos!

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