Monday, March 15, 2010

Sony PS-8750 Turntable

Here are some wonderful photos that I found online some months ago, and I've been holding on to them ever since.  This is the Sony PS-8750 direct-drive turntable, their star player from 1975-1978.  This was the precursor to the PS-X lineup that I love to much.  The Magnadisc and X-Tal Lock systems were, ahem, "borrowed" from Denon's tables, provide remarkable speed stability and precision.  It's the reason these Sonys are so highly prized.

The design is elegant, packed with details and components, yet still clean and efficient.  I especially like the carbon-fiber tonearm, which looks to be a step up from the rather chincy arm on the PS-X5/6/7 lineup.  I'd be thrilled to have this table in my collection, especially one that looks as nicely as this one.

Here's what The Vintage Knob has to say about the Sony PS-8750:

The fitted tonearm is a variation of Sony's own PUA-1600S (S for short) version, a tonearm one could purchase separately to fit even higher grade turntables ; the version used on the 8750 had a carbon-fiber tube. The headshell is also carbon-clad (SH-160). The PS-8750 was also adorned with a special OL-2K mat containing a micron-thick plastic "skin" itself containing a very thick oil. Other nice touches : the lid has an anti-static treatment, the output plugs are gold-plated and the arm's pivot rests on two sapphire bearings.

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