Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BBC World: Who Does Health Care Best

This message thread was in response to a BBC report last summer on health care systems around the world, including the UK, Canada and the US.  It's a very long discussion, very illuminating, and for an American like me, very depressing.  I'm naturally curious to know what the rest of the world is thinking about this nation's health care system, and Obama's efforts at reform.  So many people are polite, patient, sharing their stories of visits to the hospital or travels around the world.

When it comes to US health care, the reactions are always the same: shock, bafflement, dismay.  How could the wealthiest nation in the world not take care of its citizens?  How is this even possible?  There's a genuine concern from the rest of the world.  They love America, and they want us to live up to our ideals.

From the few American voices who defend our status quo, this is deeply disheartening:

I live in the US and for me the health care issue comes down to one thing; more taxes. I am sick and tired of paying taxes. No one has given me a good reason as to why I should work like a dog to support other physically able people. I work six days a week, about ten hours a day, and every time I look at how much taxes I am paying it makes me want to jump off a bridge.

If Obama wants to fix health care more power to him, but please do not raise my taxes. What ever happened to government creating a safe platform so that every one can fend for themselves. The government needs to be involved less with my personal life.

Nowhere else in the world do we read such cruelty and disdain for others.  Nowhere else do we witness such selfishness.  This is the attitude of much of America, of a people seduced by greed and materialism and the Ayn Rand gospel of "I've Got Mine."  An America where everyone fends for themselves?  Don't take my table scraps?  These are the fearful words of a peasant.

In 30 years, the ruling class has smashed this once-great nation into ruin.  If anything is to ever change, they must begin here, in the hearts and minds of every American.  This false gospel of selfishness and greed must be rejected.

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