Friday, March 19, 2010

Photos - Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition (Arcade)

Since I'm on this short-lived Street Fighter 2 kick this week, I might as well snap some photos from the arcade version.  Here's Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition.  Of the original SF2 series, this is my clear favorite.  Capcom quickly piled on too many sequels and upgrades, and I just felt burnt out by the whole cynical cycle.  I really didn't bother with Street Fighter until many years later with Third Strike on the Dreamcast, and Alpha 3 on MAME.  Great games, kids.  Great fighting games.

It's a terrific luxury that we can fire up MAME today and play any of the original arcade games on our computers for free.  It's a rush to play the arcade Champion Edition whenever I wish.  It gives me an appreciation for Capcom's outstanding home versions.  They managed to cram a very large game onto tiny cards and cartridges, running on vastly inferior hardware.

Street Fighter 2 really was one of the greatest video games ever made.  It belongs on the short list with Pac-Man and Robotron and MULE and Super Mario Bros and Tetris.  Even after a thousand sequels over two decades, the 1992 SF2 Champion Edition remains as fun and competitive as ever.

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