Friday, March 19, 2010

Photos - Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition (Genesis)

Aha!  I knew I was doing something wrong.  It turns out that my Gens emulator was playing SF2 in the wrong country mode.  That explains why it was playing so slow.  After switching to "USA," everything snapped back into place as it should, and the game is fast and speedy as ever.  Yay!

Now we're back to a three-way tie with the PC Engine and Super Nintendo again.  Heh heh.

Since I've posted photos from the other versions of Street Fighter 2, I have to show off the Genesis Special Champion Edition.  The graphics on this version are darker, and there's a stronger contrast, compared to the others.  But that's a consequence of Genesis' ability to display only 64 colors out of  a palette of 512.  Why Sega didn't opt for more colors in the design remains a mystery.  Look at what 256/512 does for the PC Engine.

On the upside, Genesis SF2 has the most animation of all the home versions.  The arcade intro is included, the countdown animations are present, and more moves are preserved.  These are all good bragging points, and demonstrate that Capcom genuinely worked hard to push the Genesis to its limits.  They worked their tails off and it shows.

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