Friday, March 19, 2010

Photos - R-Type (PC Engine/Turbografx)

Some terrific screenshots from the stunning PC Engine/Turbografx version of R-Type.  Released five months after the launch of the PC Engine in March, 1988, this spectacular arcade translation became the console's killer-app and cemented its place as the king of arcade shoot-em-ups.

R-Type's fame has lessened somewhat 20+ years later, as scrolling shooters have all but disappeared in the 3D polygon age.  But its impact can never be overstated.  For all intents and purposes, R-Type defined side-scrolling shooters as much as Konami's Gradius.

This is what "hardcore game" used to mean years ago, before the phrase was hijacked by insecure, overgrown nerds who are determined to turn video games into movies.  This game is brutally hard and will kick you around like a tin can.  Here is a true test of the gamer's skills.  If you want "casual games," then get a Playstation 3 and passively sit through endless Final Fantasy and Hard Rain cut scenes.  Real hardcore gamers prefer to bruise their fingers shooting aliens in R-Type.

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