Friday, March 12, 2010

Treat Them Like Dogs

Doocy: Idea to "treat [people] like dogs" "makes a lot of sense." On the March 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy reported on a Newsweek column by "very brilliant" veterinarian Karen Oberthaler entitled "Treat People Like Dogs" which suggested that the health care system should resemble the veterinary one. Doocy said the idea "makes a lot of sense," because "we're on the hook" for our pet's medical costs. Doocy said: "[T]here's only 3 percent of Americans who have pet insurance and so we're on the hook for the charges. So, if Americans were on the hook for all the tests and stuff, it would be a lot different." Citing Oberthaler's column, Doocy added: "if you've got a golden retriever...and you know that the dog has got cancer and it's -- you know, there really is no getting any better, would you order a bunch of tests that are going to be costly and right out of your pocket because chances are you don't have the also has to do with, you know, putting the dog through pain at the end of the road."

The peasants are nothing but dogs to the Republican Party.  At least they're dropping the mask, if for one brief moment, and revealing their true faces to the world.  Not that this will change any minds or encourage any critical thinking among the Fox News viewers.  With proper use of crimestop and doublethink, the Party loyal will neutralize any troubling questions or dissenting thoughts.  Daddy is perfect and Daddy loves us.

Leave the peasants to fend for themselves.  If they get sick, or lose their job, or if a hurricane destroys their city, it's their damned fault.  They're lazy and stupid and they deserved it.  Fuck the poor - I've got mine.  That's the Republican Party mantra in a nutshell.  And for too many citizens, it has become the American mantra as well.  What greedy, stupid, selfish creatures.

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