Saturday, March 20, 2010

President Obama Speaks on Eve of Historic Health Care Vote

President Obama spoke to the House Democratic caucus this afternoon, and delivered a terrific speech. He was speaking off the cuff, but you get the sense this is the same speech he has delivered to members of Congress behind the scenes. By now, he's got this down cold. I've not seen him this relaxed while delivering a major speech. He is displaying great confidence, and that optimism will catch on.

I still can't believe we're less than a day away from the final votes on health care reform. It feels like this has gone on forever, and, frankly, I still won't believe it until Obama signs it into law. This will be a tremendous victory for the young President. A tremendous victory.

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Michael said...

This might turn out to be a great day, since me might get the many uninsured on a program and take away the constant threat of being dropped for pre-existing conditions or going bankrupt from catastrophic care costs.

However, it could end up in disaster over the long term, creating another massive, wasteful government program that hurts the country more than it helps.

We won't know for several years, which could end up hurting Obama if the changes don't seem to be helping by the next election.

Either way, it looks like change has finally come. But this is only the beginning, we'll have to stay on top of things and see if the nascent law delivers on its promises in reality, not just on paper.

I wonder if the insurance companies are already finding loopholes to exploit...

- MP