Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Environmental Groups Are Selling Us Out

A long expose at The Nation about the troubling partnerships between corporate polluters and the environmental groups assigned to challenge them. This is not good, kids. Precious time has been wasted on the illusion of greed, the love of money, the altar of "political pragmatism." Meanwhile, the planet burns, the glaciers melt, and it's 45 degrees and raining in the "blizzard" month of March in Minnesota. The clock is ticking.

Sometimes, I feel in my bones Tolkein's dispair at the state of mankind. Men are weak, easily corruptible, easily seduced by power and money. And yet the salvation of the world rests on their shoulders. God and Nature's grand experiment - intelligent life on the planet Earth - rest in our hands. Failure is not an option. The clock is ticking.

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