Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dreamcast - San Francisco Rush 2049

I'm frankly surprised at how difficult it has been to find any online media devoted to San Francisco Rush 2049. In my view this is one of Sega Dreamcast's greatest games, certainly in my top five.

San Francisco Rush has been a popular series for many years, although its pedigree has waned a bit in this age of "interactive movie" games. It's purely oldschool arcade, all speed and flash and nothing else. Midway was smart enough to branch out in a series of "extreme" racers, nearly all of which were very very good. Perhaps the whole mess got started back with Cruisin' USA, but SF Rush is really the pinnacle of it all.

The Dreamcast version is fantastic not only because of the main racing mode, ported brilliantly from the arcade, and not only because of the addictive stunt mode. It's a killer game because of the battle mode, a 4-player deathmatch that may be the most multiplayer fun I've ever had on the console.

Next post, I'll go into greater detail, as my time is unfortunately up. But enjoy these photos of the game in action, including the stellar battle mode. Ah, I've missed this game so much.

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Sensation Net said...

holly crap, I can't believe someone else was as into rush battle mode. we would literally play that until our eyes bled. a buddy of mine found a a dusty old dreamcast last night and now i'm online trying to hunt a copy of rush 2049 down so we can relive the good times.