Monday, September 22, 2008

The American People Get Wise

I know I can often get cranky about the average American voter, and I realize it's a bad habit of mine. I really don't wish to think of others as idiots or morons or easily-led simpletons. I try to remind myself that Americans are good people at heart; they just need to have the facts laid out before them. Show us the truth, and we will do the right thing in the end.

Thankfully, the polling today on the financial crisis gives me some hope. I think it's pretty clear who's to blame, since one party has been running our government for the past eight years. Hmm...didn't we vote in some other party a couple years ago? Whatever happened to them? Sure would be nice to see them standing in front of the cameras, calling Bush's latest effort at Shock Doctrine.

At least Obama is doing a good job bringing the point home. The fact that we're now leading up to the debates will only help him. I think if he plays smart (and Obama is a very skillful politician - remember, he defeated the Clintons) he will stay on offense from now until Election Day.

My great worry now is that the Democratic Congress will quickly crumble and scramble to give Bush everything he wants. It isn't merely cowardice, although that's always been part of it. The Democratic Party is just as beholden to the moneyed interests on Wall Street as the Republicans. This is the danger of the two-party system that Ralph Nader has been warning us about all these years.

So, please, Dems, don't screw this up. Don't hand Bush a blank check. Don't lie down and grant him dictatorial powers over our nation's finances. For heaven's sake, show some spine and stand up for the working class Americans you once represented. Stand up to the Wall Street criminals and stand up for us. You know, us voters. Please?

Truly, these are the times that try men's souls.

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