Monday, September 29, 2008

Kos - Congress Did the Right Thing

Markos at Daily Kos has been steadfast against the $700b bailout from day one, and he's always remained cool and level-headed through everything. He's just the sort I need to listen to, since I tend to be, well, a little more passionate. I am trying to do better, though :)

Anyway, Kos says Congress did the right thing in killing this bailout bill. There are many problems with it, not the least was the blinding speed this issue was thrust upon us. For those of us weary of the Bush years, it just smacked of Iraq all over again. And torture. And FISA. These Republicans love to play these games to bum-rush their agenda onto our laps.

So perhaps we'll have better chances with a clean bill and some fresh ideas. Kos is confident we'll get there. I do hope so. My only prayer at this point is that the hole in the Titanic is small enough that we'll still be afloat when President Obama takes office on January 20*. Let's cross out fingers and get back to work, kids.

(*Please don't pretend to tell me this race will still be close. It's over, and Obama is about to win big. Count on it.)

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Mike said...

It seems unlikely that $700 billion dollars can fix the economy when the stock market has the ability to lose $1.2 trillion dollars in one day. Maybe they should go back and ask for $1.9 trillion?