Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Football Thread

Alright, everybody, put down that homework! Put away those pencils! Don't let me catch you doing that long division! It's time to waste away our grey Sunday on football games.

I just picked up a Sega Dreamcast a couple days ago, mainly so I could play my beloved NFL 2K1. Still a classic after eight years. Last night, I picked up NFL 2K2, which was the final game for DC, and strangely overlooked. Perhaps this was just because we were hesitant to give up our existing game; perhaps this was due to the console's death. But for whatever reason, 2K2 was given a harder rap than 2K1.

I'll need more time to play and find out the various quirks and see how deep the gameplay runs, but so far I'm greatly impressed with NFL 2K2. I'd say it's a better game than 2K1, and it is more than a minor upgrade. Heck, I bought the game for $1.99 (and 2K1 for $3.99), so there's no loss if, say, I get sick and tired of the running game or my inability to complete the 3rd Down pass. No, for that, I'm blaming Daunte Culpepper.

I'll go more into NFL 2K2 later. For now, I'll go back to the Vikings, who are having trouble against the Titans.

And how about last week's Sunday night game? Packers just got kicked around by the Cowboys. There were a whole month's worth of highlight reels in that game. Terrific fun!

Okay, everybody. Rant and rave about your football games.

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Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

D'oh! What a lousy game. Vikes just stunk it up. Can we change the coach now? At this point, I'll welcome Denny Green back. Sigh, this is gonna be a loooong season.

On another note, how 'bout Favre? Six touchdowns? Not bad, not bad. Pity he couldn't come to Minnesota.