Monday, September 22, 2008

A Vote For McCain is a Vote For War

Andrew Sullivan, once again, gently reminds us of an unpleasant truth about a potential McCain-Palin administration. If the Neoconservative Republicans retain the White House in November, there will almost certainly be a war with Iran.

Share this slogan with everyone you know. You could even make some signs or buttons. It's a simple summary of the McCain Doctrine in foreign policy: A Vote For McCain is a Vote For War. War with Iran, certainly. But there will also be more wars; more war in Iraq, more war in Afghanistan, a new war against Pakistan, a possible war against Russia. We don't have the resources to spare, in men or in dollars.

We've been down this road before, and we all know what happens when the bullies have their way. They escalate the fight. America and your families cannot afford more of these reckless, needless, useless fights. Our brothers and sisters in uniform are not G.I. Joe dolls to be hurled around John McCain's backyard.

These Neocons have a bloodlust that is truly appalling. It is un-American in every possible sense of the word. God have mercy on this land if this man becomes our President.

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