Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Cancels VP Debate; Threatens to Cancel First Presidential Debate

Wow. I I've tried my best to be a good reporter, and be fair with my own opinions without becoming childish or snarky. Goodness knows we're all too old for that. Besides, most everyone in my family is a Christian Conservative Republican. Hah! What fun! The holidays (oops, I meant Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's) are always an adventure!

Anyway, I'm really out of sober comments about this sorry campaign of McCain's. It's a damned train wreck. This is the most pathetic series of blunders, screwups, and FUBAR's I've ever seen. Is Ross Perot in charge of this campaign?

CNN reported that McCain now wants to push the first Presidential debate to October 2, which just happens to be the date of the VP debate. Oops. They'll just have to reschedule, cough cough. Only they won't give any ideas when that would be.

What a sorry, cynical game these criminals have played. I never thought Karl Rove was very good, and this only proves it. All he understands is slime, slime, slime. They literally picked a nobody off the street to be McCain's Vice President, and they're terrified she'll be forced to face the country alone.

McCain, of course, is doing everything he can to scuttle the first Presidential debate, but Obama, thankfully, is having none of that. Even the Democrats aren't foolish enough to fall for that. Now Lindsay Graham is saying that McCain will cancel if Bush's $700 billion heist isn't pulled off by Friday.

Go ahead, McCain. Quit. Why don't you just quit the damned race right here and now? Obama and Biden will go ahead with their campaign as usual, and show up at those debates. They'll face an empty podium, because you got cold feet and wanted out. Just bloody great. You sold your soul to Bush and Rove these past eight years, and now at the very end, you just want to quit and walk away.

Fine, whatever. Quit. Get the hell out. You're a damn rotten sellout, John McCain. And for that, I am deeply, truly sorry. You were an American hero, beloved by all of us, and that's the honest truth. But you sold yourself out to Bush's wretched criminal machine, ever since they cruelly attacked your family in the 2000 South Carolina primary. A man of honor and integrity would never have forgiven George Bush and Karl Rove for that crime, one of the meanest of all dirty tricks. You instead chose to embrace these evil men for eight years.

I really have nothing else to say, Senator. I've completely lost my respect for you. Just quit the whole race and go away, please. Maybe one day you'll finally find yourself.

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