Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19 DKos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 49, McCain 42

The Daily Kos Tracking Poll for today shows Obama building a slight lead over McCain, 49-42. They also highlight the latest national polls and take a good look at where that leads us. Most of the other polls were taken before the Wall Street panic of the past few days, so I'm sure we'll see some movement in the next few days.

Very, very interesting. Kos and his crew are doing a fantastic job keeping up with polling. They are the go-to people for your election results. I can't wait to play with their interactive election map.

I think Obama has had an excellent week. The financial crisis swept away the trivialities that the McCain camp has been riding since the GOP convention. Suddenly, voters are once again reminded why they resent George Bush and the Republicans so much. But we've known this election would be run this way. If the race is decided on the issues, Obama and the Democrats will win. If the race is decided on lipstick, hockey moms, and the culture wars, McCain will squeak through.

Thankfully, the seriousness of the financial crisis, not to mention Palin's failing numbers, give Obama the advantage. I've maintainted that 2008 will follow after the 1980 contest, which remained close well into October before breaking away for Reagan. I think we'll see the same thing happen this year; voters will use the debates to make up their minds, and keep all options open until then. If Obama and Biden come out strong in their debates, I think they'll have the win.

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