Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, this is weird. Really don't know what to think about it just yet. There's been an interesting phenomenon at McCain rallies recently. It appears that most people are there only to see Sarah Palin. At a number of events, crowds whithered away once Palin left the stage, and everyone was left with only McCain.

Then there was this interesting little goof on Palin's part. I think she figured out the pecking order pretty quickly. So, yeah, it's funny that she slips out, "Palin-McCain administration," but given the celebrity treatment she's been given by the Republican faithful, is anyone surprised?

It's long been my assertion that the Republican Presidential candidates are merely ciphers, a front for the party machine. Everyone knows Cheney really ran the show; Bush was little more than a spoiled little brat who was allowed to indulge his violent power fantasies on occasion. He got to dress up and play pretend, while the "grownups" ran things from behind the scenes.

Given eight years of this, it's no surprise to me that McCain and Palin appear so clueless and under-qualified for the job. They're just the circus clowns hired to distract us as the gangsters strip the paint off the walls.

So, like I said, this is weird. It almost like Palin realized she's the real "star" on this comedy team, and she's stealing top billing from McCain. And I probably wouldn't think that way if not for the even stranger fact that a number of Palin events have been cancelled.

Currently, there have been cancellations in Florida, California, Washington, Colorado, and Wyoming.

So what's the story on that? What the heck is going on? What's happening behind the scenes? Is this comedy act melting down, ala Martin and Lewis? Aw, what a shame, comparing Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to these bumbling baffoons. They're more like the heavies you'd find in a Bugs Bunny cartoon or a Marx Brothers picture.

Yaargh! There be treachery afoot! My treasure map is gone! To Animal Treasure Island we go!

Thanks to Daily Kos for pointing all of this weirdness out.

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