Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Hope - New Dreamcast Game?

Can you believe commercial games are still being made for the Sega Dreamcast? It sounds goofy, but there have been a steady trickle of games for the beloved console, ever since Sega was forced to pull the plug in 2001. These newer titles are typically 2D scrolling shooters, and nothing special for anyone beyond the usual fanbase, but it's still a kick to see this decade's best gaming system still alive.

Last Hope is the lastest release in Japan. Game stores have even brought back their old game kiosks so you could play a demo. I have no idea how this game plays, but I expect the standard scrolling-shooter action that was in vogue back during the 160bit era. The graphics clearly don't compare to the games of the DC era of 1999-2001, but...hey, new Dreamcast game.

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