Sunday, September 21, 2008

Video - Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast)

Here is one of the Sega Dreamcast's very best titles. Virtua Tennis appeared out of nowhere and quickly established itself as the finest tennis game ever made. Exactly why video game tennis was always so poor remains a baffling mystery. I mean, c'mon - videogames started with Pong, for cryin' out loud.

Virtua Tennis has continued on with a couple sequels, VT 3 can be played today on PS3 and XBox 360. I haven't spent any real time with those games, but I would expect them to be excellent, if only because of its pedigree. I don't think, however, that anything will truly eclipse the original. This first VT just knocked our socks off, and it was probably the most popular 4-player Dreamcast game I ever had. Ah, great times, kids, great times.

I'll be looking long and hard for this game come Thursday. Enjoy the video:

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