Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dave Letterman Praises McCain, Then Buries Him

Whoops, I missed this show. Letterman had McCain scheduled on his show, which was cancelled because he "suspended" his campaign. After a couple minutes of high praise for McCain's heroism, Letterman then spends the rest of the night burying McCain with snarky insults and snide jokes. He was miffed.

That was funny in itself. Then McCain was spotted giving an interview with Katie Couric.

D'oh!! That's right, folks. John McCain cancelled his appearance on Dave Letterman, saying he had to rush to Washington to "save the country." Then he turns up on another tv show.

Letterman, by the way, asked a good question, one of those obvious "duh" questions that I should have asked myself hours ago. Why does McCain need to suspend his campaign to go to Washington when he has a running mate? Shouldn't his VP be campaigning in his place? Why can't Sarah Palin just campaign for the both of them? Am I missing something?

No, I'm not missing anything. We all know the score. This miserable sham of a campaign is falling to pieces. And we all know perfectly well that Palin will never be allowed to step in front of the cameras and the voters unscripted. She'd crumble into a million pieces for the whole nation to see. That's why she has been shielded from the media all these weeks.

Shouldn't standing in front of the American people be a requirement for running for President?

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