Monday, September 22, 2008

Now it's $1.8 Trillion

You gotta love this. These guys are just like pigs at a trough, aren't they? They just love the smell of free money. Now that $700 billion "bailout" has more than doubled to $1.8 trillion. Nice. You do understand this is Bush's henchmen want zero oversight, right? This is a money heist. All of your money will be vaccuumed into the pockets of their cronies, the very same Wall Street criminals who put us into this fix.

And now everyone with a stake in creating this disaster will be lining up for the free money. Free money courtesy of you, the taxpayer, all of which shall be piled onto our national debt. Which, naturally, means a lower standard of living for you and your families. Sorry, kids, can't fix those bridges anymore. No more money. Forget about health care. No more money.

You gotta love this system of government we have in America. It's a great scam, the greatest heist ever pulled. You can just hear Bush and company laughing hysterically. Sure would be nice if the Dems stood up and tried to stop this. Fat chance on that, kiddies. Fat bloody chance.

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