Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Video - Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)

I couldn't let any collection of Sega Dreamcast vids pass by without showing something from Crazy Taxi.

This was certainly one of the most popular Dreamcast games during its run; probably the most popular game bar Soul Calibur and the NFL/NBA 2K series. It's a fun and flashy arcade racer that rewards reckless driving and wanton destruction. Like its arcade pedigree it's a painfully short game (usually a couple minutes), unless you somehow manage to become good enough to keep picking up and dropping off customers.

Me? I was never very good at this game. It was always fun, but I'd always be finished in a couple minutes. Most of my friends and co-workers were lining up to play Crazy Taxi for hours. I'd just let them take my place and wait for NFL 2K1 to start.

Certainly one of the brain-dead pickup titles for Dreamcast, or any other console for that matter. Sega followed up with a Dreamcast sequel and a third game on the XBox. Other than the change of scenery, it was all the same.

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