Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anarchy Video Review

Retro Core Vol. 5 - click to watch

Found a nice video review program called Retro Core, from across the pond, I'm assuming. It's a show devoted to the classic games and systems, and starts things off with a look at Goiken Muyou: Anarchy in the Nippon. It's a great opportunity to see the game in action, even though the video is rather small.

Also, I've discovered the names of the Virtua Fighter Iron Men (Tetsujin) who played a part in the making of Anarchy and appeared as bonus characters. Their names, as I've said, correlate to their preferred VF player. I've also discovered while playing that most of their moves are actually taken from VF3, with a mixture of the other Anarchy players for good measure.

Ikekuburo Sarah, Shinjuku Jacky, Bunbun Maru, and Kashiwa Jeffrey are their names, in case you're wondering. If you're a VF fan and scour the internet for old fighting tourney clips, you may have heard of them.

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