Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two New Turntables!

Today I find myself the proud owner of two new turntables: the frightfully impressive Sony PS-X5, and the spectacular Sony PS-X75. The first one arrived on Thursday, and I've been having enormous fun playing with it. The second arrived on Friday, but I wasn't able to get at until this afternoon. A fella has to catch up on sleep sometime.

I'll post pictures later today if I can. For now, I'll be switching my Denon DL-160 MC cart between the two. I picked up a Sumiko headshell from Needle Doctor, and it is absolutely spectacular. It's a real joy to be able to switch headshells on these classic turntables.

Considering my January turntable budget was $1,000, I came away with a spectacular hunt. The PS-X75 cost just under $300, and the PS-X5 cost a mere $100. Each table today would easily sell for a couple thousand. The moral of the story, kids? GO VINTAGE.

My humble Pro-Ject Debut III will now sit in a closet somewhere, until I can find it a new home. I may just put an Ortofon 2M Red cart on it and give it to my sisters. We'll see what happens.

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