Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Madness of King George

I think one of the enduring mysteries of this past decade is why exactly Conservative Republicans lost their minds. Somewhere along the way, between Reagan/Bush, Clinton, and Bush II (forgive me, I keep wanting to type 'Stupid'), these people went completely, laughably insane. And as the Bush/Cheney presidency collapsed, so did the conservative ideology.

What's left now more closely resembles the rantings of frustrated teenage nerds than sober adults. This can't possibly be the face of the GOP. Right? These are emotionally troubled children with unresolved Daddy issues. This is not a viable political party. And I think it may take a couple more election cycles before this situation changes.

Why any Republican worth their salt would continue to cling to George W. Bush in 2009 is just bizarre. We're talking "Vanilla Ice has a new CD" bizarre.

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