Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miles Davis Vienna 1973

Dark, heavy, chaotic, and far beyond anything of its time. It's almost as though Miles wanted to connect to the rock 'n roll kids, and overshot them by 30 years. True, not for everyone, but there's a mark of mad genius present in Miles electric period of the 1970s that has never really been addressed. Or matched. I can't name one single band, of any style, that comes close to this level of intensity.

Love him or hate him, the man poured everything out on his music. There's a recklessness in this music, a desperation. What is he searching for? What is he expressing? And does the aggressive, desperate energy emerge from Miles' search, or his need to share with the rest of us? How much did the extreme critical backlash contribute to his mad pursuit? We're in the realm of the Mad Prophet.

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