Monday, February 07, 2011

Photos - Steep Slope Sliders

While searching the Google for anything related to Steep Slope Sliders, I found these excellent screenshots.  Thank goodness someone was groovy enough to preserve this Saturn cult classic on the internets.  In fact, I kinda feel like playing a couple runs myself...if only I had a copy.  I really have to find this videogame again.

Yes, the graphics are blocky and unshaded in that Sega Saturn way, but it has a certain charm.  The mountains definitely have character, moreso than the other snowboarding games I've run across.  Cave - yes, the shoot-em-up crew - designed some wicked clever courses.  There's a sense of real danger present, of the possibility of careening out of control...I love it.  Now if only there were some more violent wipeouts, like the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater (which seems strikingly similar to Steep Slope Sliders), we'd really be in business.

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