Monday, February 07, 2011

Video - Mass Destruction (Saturn)

Now here's an oldschool video game that still kicks.  No story, no movie scenes, no Hollywood flash, no attempt at creating "art."  Mass Destruction is an action game that delivers exactly what the title promises: you pilot a tank and proceed to detonate everything in sight.  It's very satisfying to smash down trees, blow up buildings, fire rockets at enemy tanks, set a flamethrower on hapless soldiers, and run over the ones you've missed.  This is pure Rambo-style video gaming at its best.

Mass Destruction was released on PC, Playstation and Saturn, but the Saturn version runs in its glorious high-resolution mode (a sharper resolution than Sega Dreamcast, amazingly).  The programmers put the extra effort to really take advantage of the hardware, which very much went against the grain of that era.  Most PSX games were given short shrift on Saturn.  Kudos to the programmers for all their dedication and hard work.

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