Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Dance Summer Party Limited Edition

 Now this is a pleasant surprised.  Ubisoft is pressing all of their Just Dance 2 downloadable tracks to disc and selling the package for $30.  This is just about the only thing happening on the Nintendo Wii this year, so it's definitely worth grabbing.  I do hope the Christmas medley (offered as a free download back in December) is included, because that's probably my favorite.  Oh, and Funkytown with a big green alien...good times.

Just Dance 2 was easily the best Wii game of 2010, and I expect Just Dance 3 to retain the crown for 2011.  I'm honestly not sure what happens to the series after this year; the arrival of Nintendo's Wii U will mark a dramatic shift away from motion controllers, and I fear the dance/fitness games will be left to die in the desert.  I don't know if there will be a Just Dance 4.  We should probably enjoy this party while it lasts.

Also, I wouldn't at all be surprised if this release really is a "limited edition."  Ubisoft makes far more money selling individual downloadable songs for three dollars a pop.  Snap this up while you can, kids;

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