Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dracula Burger - Manners

Okay, I've caved in and decided to post Dracula Eats a Burger comics on both blogs.  This way, I can get them out faster, while I've still got the coffee-and-sugar-fueled sillies.  I've just been in a strangely childish, Calvin and Hobbes sort of mood this week.  Might as well go with it.

In case you haven't seen these comics on The Ghibli Blog, this comes from an obscure and laughably bad 1980 Toei made-for-TV anime movie called, "Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned."  It may be the single worst cartoon ever made, and just about the funniest.  It's certainly the most absurd.  It's definitely worth tracking down just to see Count Dracula a) mug Brat Pitt and Gwenneth Paltro and steal their wallets, and b) walk into "Sandwich King" (wink wink) and order a burger.

In any case, the image of Dracula chomping down cheeseburgers captured the imagination of my inner seven-year-old, so I'm in a rush to create as many goofy comic strips as I can before my adult brain reasserts control.  I hope I get a Hollywood movie deal outta this.

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