Monday, January 26, 2015

DTVOL4 and Writing Update

This is just a quick message for my followers on this blog (all three of you). I've been telling myself to write more regularly on this site, but 2014 proved to be rather busy for me as a writer.  I'm going to try to publish more frequently, write more about turntables and music and videogames.

I'm also working towards publishing several manuscripts, all based on my blog writings since 2003. This is something that I've threatened to do many times, but always held back because of my own insecurities. I never felt that I had enough content. Well, nuts to that.  And so I'm working on a couple videogame volumes, one on Nintendo's "Virtual Console," another of critics' rants and raves. I definitely want to write a "Videogame Classics" book, but that requires a lot more work to complete, so it will have to move to the back burner for now. I also want a "kitchen sink" book that combines my essays on music and movies and politics and whatnot.

I always had this idea of stealing the album covers from Black Sabbath's Master of Reality and Vol 4. I just liked the graphic design of those two, and the way they complimented one another with the purples, oranges and blacks. Add in the Virtual Console book (now tentatively titled, "Zen Arcade Vol I"), and we've got the beginnings of a little publishing empire. Add in a book of essays from Ghibli Blog, and we've got the first four volumes.

Anyway, this is just an update for anyone lucky enough to stick around. My thanks to everyone who visits Vol 4 and Ghibli Blog. Now let's all take a break and play videogames!

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