Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New AW Map - #18 Combat or Tank

The third and final new AW custom map for today is map #18: Combat or Tank.

This is another classic game tribute, to Atari's Combat for the 260 VCS. It was also named Tank for the Sears version, even though it was the same game. Hmm. I've never understood why Sears decided to manufacture its own VCS console, and change the names on all the games. Thankfully, it's never done anymore.

Combat of Tank is a two-player map, with a lot of roads, some forests for defense, and a lot of wide, open spaces. Each player begins with 3 bases, 2 tanks, and 2 APC units. This is a large map for only two players, so adding in some transport units is essential.

Also, I'm pretty much required to throw in some tanks at the beginning. You can choose whether to hunt down and destroy, or stake out a perimeter and play defense. There are ample bases and cities to capture, so you'll want to establish a defensive zone, and then capture the territory behind.

The secret bonus area makes its third appearance on my maps, this time with 16 rockets. They can only be accessed by infantry or mech units, which promises that the supply won't be drained too quickly. Unless, of course, you have amassed a team of infantry, and choose to launch several rockets at once. Since this territory is easy to defend, you can afford to launch rockets at your leisure.

Choices, kids, choices. Give your players choices in where to go, how to balance offense and defense, and what risks to take. These are essential elements of game design, and they're key to creating great multiplayer maps.

If you're ever in doubt, go back to the multiplayer classics: Warlords, MULE, NES Ice Hockey, Chu Chu Rocket, SF Rush 2094 Battle Mode, Super Bomberman 2, Herzog Zwei. If you like videogames, you should know these like the back of your hand.

Again, I'll add Map Pack #6, which contains these three maps, as soon as I can. I have six more maps to fine-tune, and they'll be ready to play soon. Enjoy!

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