Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Contra 4 Poster

Word got out quickly about this one. Nintendo Power included a groovy cool foldout poster for the upcoming Contra 4, which hit stands around the same time as the first gameplay movies. If those movies didn't grab your attention, this poster surely will.

Clearly the developers (not Konami, but an American development house) is aiming for that retro NES feel. Smart move. Very smart move. The Contra brand hasn't meant anything in over a decade, really. This back-to-roots sequel just might change all that.

Oh, and look! Some gameplay videos of Contra 4 in action. Dual-screen play like the original arcade, but gameplay and pacing clearly patterned after the NES classic, with nods to Super C, Contra 3, and even Bionic Commando. I'm usually skeptical of these retro comebacks, especially when performed by outside studios, but this time I'm genuinely hooked. Let's cross our fingers and hope it turns out right.

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