Thursday, July 05, 2007

A New PC Version of Mr. Robot?

How's this for a streak of luck?! I think God is cashing in some of my good karma chips tonight.

Just after publishing the last post, I checked on Google for more sites that mentioned the Atari 800 computer classic, Mr. Robot. I quickly discovered this indie game from Moonpod games - called Mr. Robot. The same as the Atari and Apple classic, I ask with baited breath?

Well, not quite. As far as I can tell, this isn't directly related in any way to the old game. Moonpod's Mr. Robot seems to be more inspired by Isaac Asimov's robots, and the game appears to be much more puzzle-oriented. Still, this looks terrific, like something that would have been perfectly at home on Sega Dreamcast. Have I mentioned lately that I still miss my Dreamcast? Sigh.

Anyway, Mr. Robot was released early this year and has won many accolades. It appears to strike a blow for the indie game scene, which is in a stronger position than ever.

Be sure to download the demo and give it a try, and think seriously about buying the full version. I'm looking forward to giving the new Mr. Robot a try. A great game is a great game. Didn't I already say that once before? Please don't let that become my cliched catch-phrase.

Mr. Robot page on Moonpod website

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fatherkrishna said...

Wow! What a coincidence! I won a copy of this game from a competition on Racketboy, and was sent it (along with a rather lovely Mr. Robot mouse mat) by the lovely folks at Moonpod only two days ago!

Excellent game BTW!