Thursday, September 13, 2007

Circuit City to Sell Vinyl Records

I've just read that Circuit City will begin selling vinyl records in their stores. This is a major move forward for the vinyl revolution. Finally, we have a genuine underground youth movement in this country again. It's been so damned long since anything interesting happened. I'll be looking forward to seeing what my local stores carry in stock.

I've even noticed that turntables are being sold in more retailers, such as Best Buy and Target. Target is carrying a whole line of retro record players. Unfortunately, none of the current models include a headphone jack or line out cables, something that is pretty essential in this day and age. Still, good g-news is good g-news.

I'm still amazed that vinyl is making its comeback. It really is going to bury the compact disc. Well, the CD is pretty much dead, anyway. But, still.

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