Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Neo-Geo Coming to Virtual Console

One of the clear markers for the success of Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console has always been if and when more consoles would appear. There have been rumors floating about, possibly even the Commodore 64, but so far, just that, only rumors. Well, today, that marker has been passed. SNK announced that its Neo-Geo library will appear on the VC, starting with three titles, more to follow.

The announced games are Fatal Fury, World Heroes, and Art of Fighting. Each title will sell for 900 points. It appears SNK will follow the chronology of the Neo-Geo's lifespan, beginning with the early titles, and working steadily forward.

For fans, of course, the two big names to watch for - and we know they're coming - are The King of Fighters and Metal Slug. I wonder if Metal Slug will even appear on VC at all, since their series compilation is already available for Wii proper. But, hey, if this business teaches you anything, it's that publishers will never pass up a chance to make another quick buck. How many times have you paid for Super Mario Brothers or Legend of Zelda, anyway?

As for me, I'll be crossing my fingers and hope SNK follows the lead of Hudson, who have been masterful with the Turbografx releases. Show me some of the lesser-known games, apart from all the brawlers. There's Neo Turf Masters, one of the finest arcade golf games since, like ever; Neo Drift Out, the rally racer; Twinkle Star Sprites, the shooter-puzzle multiplayer hybrid; and on and on. This is gonna be a future post, isn't it? Great.

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