Sunday, November 04, 2007

Okay, Childress Can Stay Another Week

Huh. Shows how much I know about this sport. I hurled out the previous post just after that failed field goal that was run 109 yards for a touchdown, just before halftime. I expected yet another lethargic performance by the Vikes in the second half.

Well, well, well. Minnesota pulled in a fantastic third quarter. It was everything we've been hoping and screaming for all year long. It's their best half of football this season, easily. I hold no illusions about a Vikings Super Bowl - that will be whoever wins the inevitable Patriots-Colts rematch at the AFC Championship game - but I am hoping for an honorable finish. At least 8-8 would do, and a 9-7 record would be smashing.

But, still, don't get your hopes up too quickly. We face the Packers in Green Bay next week, and Favre is having his great Renaissance. The schedule only gets tougher from there.

So, yeah, Childress can stay for another week. But this week's game had better not have been a lucky fluke. I'm putting my money on that cardboard cutout of Bud Grant. But that's just me.

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