Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Essay - Next Generation

Next Generation's Tim Rogers has a lengthy and wonderfully readable five-page essay on Super Mario Galaxy, which has just been released in Japan and will be seen here next week. Normally, I don't get into the habit of linking to other reviews, but it's great to read a Mario article that offers more than heaping praise. It's actually literate. Imagine that.

As for myself, I've laid back on playing the game at the game stores. I don't want to spoil more than I already have. Fortunately, I've only really seen the first galaxy cluster, and a couple other worlds. The stingray surfing remains my clear favorite. I'm hoping and praying for more race courses. Hopefully, I'll successfully score a Wii console and Mario Galaxy sometime before the end of the world - which should commence sometime before Bush and Cheney leave office.

Once again, for those who haven't read my earlier - spoiler free! - essay on Galaxy, read up. This is a fantastic videogame. Heck, with one or two exceptions, this is the only videogame at the moment that matters. It's Super Mario Bros 3 all over again, kids.

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