Monday, January 21, 2008

Wii Chess

Looks like Nintendo's Touch Generations will be releasing Wii Chess in the near future. I don't have anything to go by, aside from a mention in Go Nintendo and an ad, but it looks pretty good. The design, at least, is solid, and the game includes online matches. That alone makes it a pick for me.

I saw a chess game released for DS recently, but the damned thing doesn't feature online? Am I missing something here? That should be a gimmie - I can play a real chess game with anyone else here in Reality Land. I don't need a freakin' Nintendo for that. The only good function for computer chess is to play opponents online.

Oh, and throw in stats, too. Lots of stats. And let us customize our chess pieces. And maybe also design some team banners. And definitely throw in one of those "Boo" buttons from the arcade table-top hockey games. You know the one. Chess may be the best thinking game ever devised, but it's boring as hell.

So keep your eyes open for Wii Chess. That is, if you're actually lucky enough to get a Nintendo Wii in the first place. Did Nintendo just forget to make these things?

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