Saturday, April 19, 2008

We're Screwed This Election, Aren't We?

I'd like to be optimistic about the election, and, yes, by all rights this should be a collosal blowout. But then again, I've thought the same about the last two elections.

The sad reality is that McCain is even or slightly ahead in the national polls. Americans can be unhappy all they want. They're still unbelievably stupid and far too easily distracted.

Remember the woman who infamously asked the flag question? Well, it seems she was a subject in a NT Times piece some days ago. The funny part? The part that just makes me laugh out loud? This woman recently lost her job.

Hah. HAH!!

You've lost your job, the economy is in the tank, you're living in fear of losing your home, FOUR TRILLION dollars have just disappeared, and we're mired in a Permanent War that will outlive us all.

But Obama isn't wearing a flag pin. Stupid fucker. I'm gonna find where this woman lives and throw eggs at her house. If she catches me, I'll just blame it on Al-Qaeda. She'll buy into it, the dumbass.

Should I bother to point out that....ah, skip it. Would it make any difference? This is how every US Presidential election is decided. By repeating and repeating stupid, pointless bullshit, with no connection to the real world whatsoever. Mindless drivel which will propel our national media coverage, consuming all the airtime and sucking all oxygen out of the room.

We can hope that this time, this time, the Americans will bother to wake up enough to drag their fat asses off the couch, put down the Doritos, and pay attention long enough to realize they're being screwed into the ground. We've been hoping this for decades. But it never seems to happen. And election after election slips out of the hands of the Democrats.

I listened to that ABC debate this week on public radio, and caught the highlight reels on TPM. It was an embarrassment. Barack Obama was beaten down. Beaten down just like Rodney King all those years ago. Beaten down by the corporate media and their right-wing fluffers. Beaten down by Hillary Clinton, who has finally decided to switch sides and stick it to us all because we wouldn't coronate her Prom Queen. But most of all, Obama was beaten down by stupid fuckers like that woman, yet another in the sea of American Idiocracy, who blindly buys into mindless bullshit like flag pins and who loves America more.

Obama just sat there and took it. He clearly looked angry and frustrated. But he also appeared confused by this assault. Why should he? My only surprise is that the beatings didn't begin sooner. But now it's open season, and this is the level of our political discourse until November.
And, just in case you haven't noticed, John McCain is even or slightly ahead in the polls. The Republican Party has broken this nation, stripped the treasury bare, and left its citizens in a pile of garbage and rubble.

For all that endless abuse, Americans will reward the Republicn Party with another term in the White House. Let that sorry fact sink in.

If the Democratic leadership doesn't get its game together, it's headed for yet another sorry defeat in November. At this rate, I'd say it's all but inevitable. It's not that I'm a pessimist about this....alright, maybe I am. I just don't have any faith in the American Mind. I don't believe the American Mind even exists.

In past elections, it was Dukakis in a tank. Then it was Al Gore sighing loudly. Then it was John Kerry windsurfing and ordering swiss cheese. Now it's Barack Obama's turn through the spin cycle. By November, at least a third of the electorate will be convinced that he was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. This is why the Republicans let Usama bin Laden out the door, you see. They held the door open for him, smiling and shaking hands. If you're not aware of this....well, Americans are unaware of a great many things. It's probably late in the day to start picking old sores. You'll probably notice that my jacket doesn't have a flag pin; and then I'd tell you the jacket was a gift from a Muslim friend, and all hell will break loose.

Don't kid yourself. Odds are very good that John McCain will be our next President.

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