Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time Travel For Stupid People

Why do I have this dreadful feeling that we're going to be reliving the 1990's again? And not the "good" '90s, either. Nope, I mean the days of endless Republican Party witchhunts and endless fake scandals against the Clintons.

As always, Generation X Cynicism works best here. We always knew this was how the GOP and the villagers would roll. So we're going to relive the Elian Gonzales story? Sure, why not? Not like anything important happened during the Bush years.

For Republicans, it's crucial that the Bush/Cheney era becomes completely forgotten. The best way to do this is to endlessly distract the American public with trivial nonsense. The villagers will play along, just as they did in the '90s, because, well, they're trapped in some sort of warped high school mindset. It's what they live for. And the Congressional Dems will roll over and play nice, again and again. And they will be played for suckers every time. It's what they live for.

This would all be much funnier if, you know, everything on planet Earth wasn't completely melting down. Washington reminds me of those space humans from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe; you know, the ones who are herded into rockets and blasted off their home planet? They crash on Earth and become the ancestors of modern man. This would go a long way towards explaining things.

Whatever, count me in for Clinton Wars: The Sequel. $50 says Obama gets impeached for trivial, fabricated, or completely bullshit reasons.

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