Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why is Karl Rove not in Prison?

Look, this is what happens when you let the bad guys walk away scot free. This strategy by the Democratic leadership to roll over, play dead, make nice, and cave in to the Republicans at every turn will have serious consequences for Obama's presidency.

I really wish I could laugh at the prospect of Karl Rove handing out ethics lessons, but we're playing high-stakes poker here. And why is Rove not sitting in a jail cell? Didn't he refuse a Congressional sopoena? Isn't that a crime? Shouldn't he be held in contempt?

Ah, but that would ruin our bi-partisan spirit of giving Bush and the GOP everything they want. And now it's going to bite them back in the butt. The Bush scandals, real factual events, will be magically transformed into the magical Obama scandals. Obama better learn how to fight back hard. If he doesn't turn out to be another Lincoln or FDR, we are all royally screwed.

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