Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Minnesotans Want Coleman to Concede

I think Minnesotans are a pretty patient and stoic bunch, but now that Norm Coleman's trial contesting the election is over, that patience should be running out. Most want him to concede the election at last, and most want to see Franken finally admitted to the Senate.

Good news for us, if this nonsense is finally ended. Bad news for Coleman and the state GOP if they continue to drag this out. They will sputter along for the MN Supreme Court ruling, and the public will continue to grumble, but politely. But after that, if this isn't settled and Franken isn't seated, there will be trouble.

My own personal guess is that Pawlenty will put an end to this after the Supremes have had their say. If there's a public backlash over this, he'll be the first target.

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