Friday, April 23, 2010

18 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

Holy fucking shit!

Thirty veterans attempt suicide every day.  And eighteen succeed.  For the love of God, stop these damned useless wars!  You cannot send boys off to war and keep them there forever.  War is not a profession.  It is a supreme violation against the human soul and all that is good; mankind's greatest crime.  And war has become normalized, trivialized in this American culture, this selfish and deeply fearful culture.

This permanent war is a disgrace and must be ended immediately.  Nothing good can come from this, only suffering and death.

*I should add, I really don't pull out the heavy-duty swear words and refrain from doing so in my writings, unless I'm very upset.  This was my honest, immediate reaction to that headline.  It's beyond obscene, the way this nation treats its men and women in uniform.  An absolute disgrace.

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