Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here's the Just Dance 2 Cover

Joy.  I really like the style of this cover.  Of course, I'm partial to any design involving black backgrounds, as you can guess from reading this blog.  The design of this cover is just as stylish as the first, yet is immediately distinct.  It's also more colorful, reflecting the more colorful nature of the game.

I also love the use of angles and the lines of action.  The Just Dance 2 logo is tilted just slightly, contrasted with an abstract assortment of song titles.  It's very dynamic, full of movement and excitement.

It's been my contention all along that Just Dance marks the beginning of a new evolution in video games.  Dance Dance Revolution established the paradigm of all rhythm games, including the Guitar Hero/Rock Band phenomenon, which finally peaked last year.  Guitar Hero's time in the spotlight is over.  Just Dance begins the new paradigm of freeform dancing games, the first truly new genre in the motion-control era.  I think that's a significant achievement, and it continues to frustrate me that videogame journalists and critics continue to stick their noses in contempt.  The "hardcore" clique seems only interested in steroid freaks with guns.  Dancing games and girl games are icky and scary.

It's my hope that Just Dance 2 will become the standard by which all future motion-control dance games are judged.  This will become a landmark in the era of social games.

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