Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wii Party Arrives in Japan

I think it's a safe bet that Wii Party will become Nintendo's next 10 million seller.

Wii Party is the latest installment in Nintendo's flagship Wii series title, and from the in-game footage I've seen on Youtube, I can tell this is going to quickly become a blockbuster hit.  It looks like the king of all party games, featuring 80 mini-games spread across a dozen different game modes.  There is a stunning amount of variety in these competitions, enough so that it may be months before we've thoroughly played them all.

As you can see, Wii Party comes packaged with an extra Wiimote in Japan, and a pink one, at that.  I think this is an absolute must in the States, and I could see this title finally replacing Wii Play as the de-facto must-buy game for Wii owners.  I can also see this becoming a big hit at the family gatherings during the holidays, and I remark to myself that Nintendo has a virtual lock on this demographic.

I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for Sony and Microsoft for bringing out motion controllers.  Almost.  They're going to get eaten alive.

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