Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nintendo Bothers to Make Another Wii Game

I see that Nintendo is bothering to pay lip service to the Wii console in 2011.  Wow, two games in six months...how do they do it?  Seriously, there had better be a new console announced at E3, or a ton of 3DS games, or else Nintendo owes us one hell of an explanation.  I've never seen such shoddy support for a video game console since Atari's declining days with the Lynx and Jaguar.  You would never believe that this was the dominant player of this console generation.  You'd never believe the Wii outsold the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 combined.  Such facts may well fall into the realm of urban legend.

Something is seriously wrong with Nintendo's mindset these days.  Much like last year's Wii Party, the sequel to 2006's Wii Play is two years too late.  That much should be a given.  Do the suits in charge even bother to pay attention to the towering pile of third-rate dreck that constitutes the Wii software library?  Do the suits know exactly how many baby games, or how many games featuring rednecks, or how many games about shooting chickens have been made?

We're in the year 2011, and Nintendo has announced its first new Wii title in over six months.  And it's a mini-game collection.  With a free Wiimote in the box.  Using the Motion Plus attachment that was only ever used once.  Five years into this experiment with motion controllers, and this is the best they can offer.  This is literally the least they can do.  It will not be enough.

The irony is that motion-control video games are extremely popular with the general public; the only true haters are....the losers making the games.  Oops.  And so this very strange Generation X staple circles in on itself once more, bringing it one step closer to eventual extinction.  We'll make room next to the jukebox, the drive-in theater and the pinball machines.

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