Friday, April 15, 2011

One Theory For the Next Nintendo Controller

The next Nintendo game controller sounds a lot to me like the uDraw tablet that they designed with THQ and released last year.  I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of a joypad with a hundred buttons (like the PS360 gamepad) and a six-inch touch screen in the center.  Perhaps it will resemble a PSP with handlebars.  Or perhaps it will be closer to the uDraw design.

What I can't stomach is the idea of Nintendo eliminating the Wii Remote entirely.  That's beyond stupid, it's suicidal.  But notice how the uDraw combines with a Wiimote to offer motion control for the tablet.  What if the Generation 8 tablet followed the same approach?

Consider the idea of a Wiimote with a touchscreen instead of buttons.  There would still be the Power and Home and Start buttons, but aside from that, a big screen.  The Wiimote just happens to fit into a 6" diagonal.  So perhaps the new controller would feature a detachable Wiimote-touchscreen, and the tablet would include dual analog sticks, triggers, and way too many buttons.  That doesn't sound quite so terrible.

Right now, the hardcore clique is dreaming of the idea that Nintendo will renounce the Wii and its Expanded Audience, and make a third clone of the PS360 duo - a PS-Wii60, where the exact same $50 million gun games appear on three consoles.  From a business perspective, it's appallingly stupid, a fanboy fantasy.  Like I've said, the hardcore gamers are in decline, and if it weren't for the DS and Wii, the video game industry would be in near total collapse.  Nintendo would be mad as hatters to go down that path.

Let's see what they've got planned for us.  If I can't play Wii Sports 3 and Just Dance 3 on this machine, then count me out.

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