Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ferrari 355 Challenge at Sega Dreamcast's Wake

There's something special about a Sega console.  They define arcade video games better than anyone, except perhaps Atari.  When the Dreamcast died, you knew that everything would just turn into mud.  Admit it.

Ferrari 355 Challenge was probably the last great achievement in Yu Suzuki's long and storied career.  I really have no idea what he's been doing for the past decade.  Sega restructured itself as they shrunk and morphed into a soulless publisher of bad Playstation/Xbox games.  Oh, and bad Sonic sequels.  Lots and lots of bad Sonic sequels.  Sigh.

I think Ferrari 355 has the best graphics of any Dreamcast game, and it was a spectacular demonstration of the console's strengths.  It would have been interesting to see how far it could be pushed, to see if Sega's remarkable string of hit games would continue.  Sigh again...isn't it funny how every discussion about the Dreamcast turns into a funeral wake?  Maybe that's nostalgia talking, maybe we're all getting old.  But it seems that video games themselves are fading away, becoming pop relics of the past, just like those '80s arena rock tunes playing on the Ferrari's radio.

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